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JC hasn't been...

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Re: I didn't see the game... (PhinsFreakInClearH2O)
JC hasn't been... 11/15/12@10:06 p.m.

~~ Good to see you still around Scott, isnt "the kid" still
~~ sending you tapes of the games??? Havent seen him or heard from
~~ him,if you still talk to him tell him freak said "yo"

...sending me tapes for years...apparently, all he gets in his area now are Buccaneers games.

~~ It was a game filled with stupid calls,bad plays and just
~~ dumb/lucky plays. It was over in the 1st quarter. I think the
~~ team is in the right direction but going to take a couple years
~~ to gel. I do like what the coach(s) are doing for the most part.
~~ Reggie getting hurt realy slowed things down but hopefully the
~~ get on a streak staring tonight. T-Hill had stupid plays and
~~ blocks that killed us.

For some unknown reason, the football gods have frowned upon Miami since we won our last ring. Don't know what we did to piss them off, but the ball never bounces our way anymore.

~~ Rookies make rookie mistakes and hopefully our QB is learning the
~~ hard way but I've liked what I've seen from him so far...

He has a lively arm...physically, he can do it all QB wise, what's between his ears is another story. He's not doing much tonight...but then again, his entire team other than Thigpen is letting him down.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

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