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Dolphins 2013 draft...
Dolphins 2013 draft... 1/2/13@9:16 p.m.

Philbin has often stated that he wants to build his team the Packer way: via the draft. I expect the Phins will use most of their money resigning our own FA's, and I expect very little action in the FA market. I think the only name FA's the Phins might consider are Jennings and the right price. I think Jennings will go elsewhere for the big bucks, and I think Miami will sign Finley. I expect Miami will use FA to plug role player positions, and use the draft to build the team. So here is my first wish list for the upcoming NFL draft:

1) Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State
2) Robert Woods, WR, USC
2) Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU
3) Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
3) Larry Warford, G, Kentucky
4) Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
5) Blaize Foltz, G, TCU
6) Michael Mauti, OLB, PSU
7) Alex Hurst, OT, LSU

The Phins most dire need is corner, and Rhodes has good size, strength and speed, and has the most potential to be a true shut down corner.
Woods could go late in the first round, but he's projected as a 2nd rounder, and if he's there when we draft, we take him. Ansah is a tremendous athelete with excellent speed and pass rush skills, and he's stout against the run. We need another pass rusher opposite Wake. Roby just makes plays...just what we need at corner. We drafted Davis and Smith 1 and 2, so going corner 1 and 3 is likely, seeing how weak our secondary is, especially at the corner position. We need more atheletic guards for our zone blocking scheme...Incognito and Jerry do not fit what Sherman and Philbin want, so I expect they will address it in this draft with Warford and Foltz. Davis has excellent size, speed, strength and hands...he's a bit raw and has had his efforts questioned as a blocker, but he's a potential big time player steal in the 4th round. Mauti can play inside or outside...he's a good solid player, not great, but a non stop motor who gives all out effort on every play, and he has the intangibles you want: strong leader, instinctive, and is always around the ball...very good play sniffer. Injuries have hurt his draft position, but if he can stay healthy at the next level, he'll be a top ST contributor right away, and a potential replacement for Dansby or Burnett down the road. Hurst had personal problems end his LSU season, but the massive RT will be a bargain if he gets his head on straight...certainly worth a flyer in the 7th.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

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