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My new wish list for the remainder...
My new wish list for the remainder... 4/26/13@6:13 p.m.

...of the 2013 NFL draft, and it is well known that Ireland has a TERRIBLE historical record for 2nd round picks, so why not trade the other one away too? That way, he CAN'T mess up a 2nd rounder, as he won't have one to screw up with. But NOT for Albert...we wouldn't pay Long $9 mil a year, so why would we pay Albert that much? Doesn't make any sense, to let's trade our remaining 2nd round #54 pick to the Ravens for their 2nd #62 pick, 4th #129, 5th #165 and 6th #200, then trade out of the 2nd round, trading our #62 pick obtained from the Ravens, with the Pokes, for their 3rd rounder #80, 4th round #114, 5th #151 and 6th #185...turn one pick into 7, then we take:

#77 3) Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi State
#80 3) Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU
#82 3) Barrett Jones, C, Alabama
#111 4) Jordan Hill, DT, PSU
#114 4) Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
#129 4) Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado
#146 5) Chris Faulk, T, LSU
#151 5) Blaize Foltz, G, TCU
#165 5) Shawn Williams, S, Georgia
#166 5) Dion Sims, TE, MSU
#185 6) Zaviar Gooden, OLB, Missouri
#200 6) Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond
#217 7) Michael Mauti, OLB, PSU
#224 7) Alex Hurst, T, LSU
#250 7) Quinn Sharp, P/K, OSU

Slay would give our starting corners serious competition, and Mathieu will bolster the return game and provide nickel/dime competition, and certainly will bolster our return game. Why Jones? Why not? He can, and has played every position on the O-line, and played WELL at all of them too. His versatility would allow us to put him at RG, and kick Jerry out to RT, where, IMHO, he is actually a better tackle than a guard (which is weird, as that almost always works the other way around). Hill will provide a solid DT prospect in the rotation, and give us insurance on our other DT's who might not return next year. Davis is a big physical target with decent speed who produced well in spite of having a crap QB throwing him the ball. Kasa has good size and speed, and did quite well at the combine. Faulk has potential to be a stud RT, but is coming off a knee injury that cost him his entire senior year, but taking Barrett and kicking Jerry to RT will give him time to develop, and challenge our backups for roster spots. Foltz is a solid guard, and will provide depth, and challenge Incognito. Williams had one of the fastest times at the combine for safeties, and was solid for the Bulldogs and would provide depth at a position that we don't have much of. Sims is the consensus best blocking TE in the draft, and with Fasano gone, we need a guy who can do that, and he has good hands too. I have us taking 2 TE's because I don't think Egghead will make the team...he's a bum and a bust. Gooden has excellent speed, and could make a good STer and challenge our backup LB's for a roster spot...ditto for Taylor (who has the size to move to LB) and Mauti...Mauti would have gone much higher in the draft if he hadn't gotten hurt...certainly worth a flyer in the 7th. Hurst is also worth a flyer in the 7th...he's a massive RT who had personal problems so he quit his senior year...if he can get his head on straight, he could be a real steal. Sharp was 22 of 25 on FG's, averaged over 46 yards a punt, and lead the nation with 61 touchbacks on KO's. He would provide competition for both our punter and kicker, and paying one guy to do two jobs sounds good to me if he can do both well, and he's shown he can. Certainly worth a 7th to lock him up.

Will this happen? Not likely...but it would be awesome if it did! I think it's more likely that we package a 3rd with our 2nd and move up to take a CB or WR...possibly a T, but I think it more likely that we do take Barrett in the 3rd and kick Jerry out to RT.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

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